Temet vineyards

Vinarija Temet
Tradition is in the land

temet Honouring nature, the sun and the land, Temet winery was erected on top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards. Its creation is an exciting road filled with discoveries and challenges. The word Temet derives from the Latin word Temetum , which means - a strong and powerful wine with character.

New or old?

The question of whether the winery must be " old " to gain respect is not an issue when you believe that everything you do has to be honest. A new winery then must be new. It has to create the spirit of the time to come. The foundations are laid in tradition, while tradition has its roots in the land.

Temet winery

Vinarija Temet
Lozovik and wine

Guided by a trail of fertile land, it became clear that the roots should take place in Lozovik close to Jagodina, an undulating area where Šumadija overlooks the Pomoravlje region. Located on the beautiful slopes which provide ideal exposure to the sun, Temet winery was shaped by the strong influence of the environment, while striving to find harmony in work and life under the same roof. Respect for grapes, and the soil in which it grows, has molded the character of the building.

The winery can be reached in 15 minutes from the highway turnoff for Jagodina. The fastest way through the city is using the ring road, then follow the signs for the monastery Jošanica till the bridge that goes to the village of Lozovik.


Temet wines


Smederevka 45 %
Tamjanika45 %
Morava 10 %

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ERGO / red

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc
Petit Verdot

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